Did you know you can

Save endangered animals 

Stop logging of ancient trees

And provide clean, sustainable income to the locals

All while having the jungle adventure of a lifetime?

What's the cost to HOLD A SLOTH?  Click photo to find out

What's the cost to HOLD A SLOTH?  Click photo to find out

BEWARE: We recently learned of local scammers selling cheap rip-off tours using our name! We are the only company that operates in our private property. Book directly here on the website or at our office in Iquitos inside the Green Track Hostel. NEVER trust the mototaxi and taxi drivers or "guides" on the street in Iquitos, for your own safety and well-being!

The Tapiche Reserve is the only conservation project in Iquitos funded entirely by eco-tourism. When you sign up to go to the Amazon jungle with us, you're not just going to experience one of the oldest, purest, most pristine primary rainforests on earth. It's not just about witnessing wild animals of the air, land and water in their natural habitats, undisturbed, like you've probably never seen before. Those things are a given. But you should also know that when you visit, you are directly helping us protect this precious place.

We can't do it without you.

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Sunset on the Tapiche River

Sunset on the Tapiche River

The Lodge at Tapiche Reserve

The Lodge at Tapiche Reserve

Red uakari at Tapiche Reserve

Red uakari at Tapiche Reserve

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Every day is packed with activities to make sure you get the most out of your time in the jungle.

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Accessible only by waterway, our 1540 hectare property is located 404km upriver from Iquitos, Peru.



The Tapiche Reserve encompasses a variety of terrains, which means you get to see more of the Amazon, all in one place.

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