Welcome to the jungle at

The Tapiche Reserve

where wildlife is wild, as it should be


Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us concerning the wildfires. The fires have not affected our reserve in Peru, and our operations continue as normal. We appreciate your love and support for rainforest everywhere!

The Tapiche Reserve is a private Amazon rainforest conservation project based out of Iquitos in the north of Peru. We preserve primary forest and support local communities with eco-friendly employment opportunities. Through habitat preservation, we provide wild animals the resources and environment they need to thrive undisturbed in nature. 


To support our conservation efforts, our rustic lodge is open to adventurous overnight visitors who wish to immerse themselves in the deep jungle.

We believe jungle animals belong in their natural habitat in the wild, not domesticated or manipulated for human entertainment or commercial consumption. We do not keep exotic pets at the lodge, nor do we offer opportunities to hold or take photos with jungle animals.