Located 400km upriver from Iquitos Peru in the deepest heart of the jungle, the Tapiche Reserve lodge is truly a grassroots project that supports and is supported by the work of locals. We hired members of nearby communities to help construct the lodge, from locating fallen trees in the forest to transporting them to the build site with the power of muscle. We contracted a village down the Tapiche river to supply the roofing, which was all harvested, processed and woven by hand from Irapay palm leaves.

Nestled into the greenery of the jungle, the Tapiche Reserve Lodge allows visitors to feel enveloped by nature without having to camp in a tent. We have mosquito mesh on all the buildings and provide individual mosquito nets for each bed. Our water pump supplies running water for sinks and showers, and we run the generator for a couple hours every night to charge electronics. We’ve done our best to provide amenities for a place that is completely off the grid. There is no cell phone reception or internet at the lodge. We kindly ask that guests refrain from smoking during their stay with us at the reserve.  

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Banner photo: Tapiche Reserve Lodge
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