Did you just make a booking with us? Are you as excited as we are for your jungle adventure? Great, let's get you prepared!

Here are our packing guidelines. We'll also send you a Visitor Information Form that we ask you to fill out and return to help us best prepare for your trip, so keep an eye on your email. 

Packing Guidelines

We ask that each guest limit their jungle luggage to 40L per person (approx the size/volume of the average airplane carry-on) for the best efficiency of time and resources on the transport days. Excess luggage can be stored in the secure locker inside our office.

sun protection - hat, sunglasses, sunblock
insect protection - loose or relaxed-fitting long-sleeved shirts* and loose or relaxed-fitting long pants (NOT leggings), avoid black because mosquitos seem to like it
rain protection - rain jacket*, cover or bag for electronics
other clothing - multiple pairs of socks (some people prefer long ones to prevent chafing with the calf-high gumboots), bathing/swimming gear, a light warm layer for chilly mornings or nights
footwear - we lend you gumboots for all activities (let us know if you need larger than Mens EUR 47/US 13), and you'll probably want casual shoes and/or flip flops for the lodge
personal care - any prescription and over-the-counter medicines you may need, towel, personal toiletries, basic first aid kit
other - water bottle, flashlight, small daypack for daily outings, camera

*It's best to minimize bright colored clothing (red, yellow, orange, pink) so that the animals do not feel threatened when we approach. 

Wait, no insect repellent? In the AMAZON?

The truth is, the best insect protection is a physical barrier in the form of long sleeves and pants (preferably NOT jeans). Both chemical and "natural" insect sprays and lotions have limited effectiveness in our jungle, including high concentrations of DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide or diethyltoluamide), and all must be re-applied every 20-30 minutes. Keep in mind that DEET in particular but even natural sprays have active components that degrade materials and surfaces, including cameras, binoculars, phones, zippers, plastic, metal, fabric...you get the idea. Toxic stuff. You could spray your hat or something wrapped around your neck to keep bugs away from your face, but we recommend just keeping your body covered and avoiding chemicals on the skin. We'll also ask you to use sprays only at the lodge and at certain designated points on the trail, not all along the way. You can bring repellent, but just be aware of its limitations. 

Binoculars greatly enhance the wildlife viewing experience and are highly recommended for activities at the reserve. We understand that not all visitors have the need or the space to carry binoculars with them throughout their travels, so we offer binoculars for rental. We have Celestron 8x42 binoculars, the perfect focal length and scope to bring our wildlife closer to you. Besides the cost of the binoculars themselves, it takes time, energy and money to get good-quality binoculars like these to Iquitos each time we have to replace them, so we would appreciate careful handling of them as if they were your own. Binoculars can be rented for USD 20 per trip plus USD 80 deposit in case of damage or loss. Please let us know on your visitor info form if you would like to reserve a pair for your trip.

In order to properly balance the weight in the boat, we may ask visitors to change seats. Please understand that, while we will do our best to keep travel companions together, you may end up sitting apart for the best safety and efficiency of the boat.

We kindly ask guests to refrain from smoking during their stay with us at the reserve. 

We usually run the generator for a couple hours every day, so you can charge small electronics like camera batteries and cell phones. We do have solar power for small appliances like lights. Please note that our solar capacity cannot handle large loads, so let us know if you need to charge something that will draw a lot of power. You may want to bring extra batteries so that your camera is always ready even without charging. You will not have cell phone reception or internet at the lodge. Get ready to breathe deeply, take in lots of fresh oxygen and enjoy your time off the grid!

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Regarding vaccines, it's best to consult your physician as well as the requirements for all countries to which you'll be visiting on your travels. While Peru does not require vaccinations for entry, other countries may require proof of vaccinations if you have recently been in Peru. The choice whether or not to have vaccines or medication is a very personal one which we leave to each individual guest. We have never had any issue with malaria, dengue, yellow fever or zika at the lodge. Many guests opt not to take any medication because of the side effects, but we encourage each person to make the best decision for their individual situation.   

Many travelers opt to purchase third-party travel insurance, which may cover everything from medical emergencies to trip cancellations and delays depending on the plan chosen. We do not endorse any particular product but just mention this as a potentially useful option.

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Airport Transfer

If airport transfer is included in your trip package, please send us your flight information complete with flight number and arrival date and time so we can arrange your airport pick-up. Upon leaving the airport, look for the Green Track Hostel/Tapiche Reserve sign. You may see a few taxi drivers soliciting rides inside the baggage claim area, but our driver will be waiting for you outside the airport exit.

Please note we cannot provide this service for StarPeru 3115 Lima-Iquitos (sometimes listed as 2I3115) s this flight is often delayed and is difficult to track due to a stopover in Tarapoto. Please check the flight details carefully when you are booking  your flights.

If anything changes on the day of your flight, please call the office at +51 (65) 600 805, and we will do our best to accommodate. For reference, the office address is:

Ricardo Palma 516
The ride from the airport should take approximately 15-20 minutes in average traffic.  

See you in the jungle!

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Header photo: Yellow-footed tortoise (Chelonoidis denticulata)
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