The Tapiche Reserve was founded in September 2010 to preserve primary rain forest in a region that is, to this day, heavily logged and hunted. We wanted to provide the local people an alternate source of income that doesn't destroy the forest and animals.

When the Reserve was established, hunters and loggers were active on the property. Luckily their impact was not comprehensive, and there was still pristine primary forest in-tact. Though true primary forest no longer exists directly around Iquitos, Peru, the city serves as a gateway for visitors to the reserve who wish to experience authentic jungle.     

After two and a half years of patrolling the land and creeks against further damage and allowing the forest to rest, we built a rustic yet comfortable tourism infrastructure. We established subtle trails that pass through varying terrain and habitats. We worked to develop eco-friendly consciousness among the locals and encouraged them to participate in our conservation projects. Using their existing knowledge and experience of the jungle as a foundation, we helped locals hone professional guiding, field and hospitality skills. By working with us, locals often gain enough financial stability and knowledge to substantially improve life for themselves and their families. We officially opened for visitors in December 2012.

If your organization is interested in working with us, please Contact Us. We would like to expand use of the reserve to include scientific research and documentation of this astounding and largely unexplored region.  

"The trip in the Tapiche Reserve blow off my mind in terms of how [it] is still possible to find very [quiet] and untouched places where the wild life just can walk around their natural habitat."

-Roger A, Cusco trekking guide,

Header photo: American pygmy kingfisher (Chloroceryle aenea)
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