Did you see the uakari in your backyard?


The uakari monkey species is incredibly athletic by necessity. Other monkey species use their tails to grasp and swing, but the uakari does not, because its tail is non-prehensile. This means that the uakari have incredible strength and dexterity in their legs and feet, often suspending themselves upside down and sustaining their entire body weight with only their toes while feeding. We at the Tapiche Reserve have the honor of witnessing the incredible physicality of the endangered red uakari monkey on a regular basis:


Now, if you haven't visited us at the Tapiche Jungle Reserve yet, don't despair, because the jungle is closer than you think! Behold this candid documentary of what appears to be a "pygmy grey uakari" in the heart of a suburban neighborhood in North America:

A scientist friend of ours told us that current genetic research shows that 99% of genes are conserved across all mammals, so it's interesting to observe behaviors like this conserved across what we consider to be very different animals. This might be "just" a boring and common grey squirrel to many people who see these animals all the time, but how often have you really stopped to look at and appreciate the environment and animals around you? (Squirrels are considered to be very special animals in the jungle, by the way!)

No matter where in the world you are, nature is always offering something amazing for you to see, if you just open your eyes and your mind. 

The Tapiche Jungle Reserve wishes you happy nature watching, wherever in the world you are! 

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