Looking forward to turtle nesting season

Visitors have been enjoying the canopy views from our tower, and the açaí saplings seem to be surviving in respectable numbers. The drought in January really threw off the regular rhythm of the jungle, but we're hoping things will regain relative normalcy soon.

Our attention now turns to turtle nesting season, which usually occurs from June-Aug each year when beaches are exposed. The water is currently still a little high, so we predict the turtles won't be laying until the end of June, possibly pushing the season back into Sept. We'll be posting a call for volunteers to help us gather turtle eggs and re-bury them in front of the lodge, where we can keep them safe from poachers. We care for the hatchlings until their shells have hardened enough for release. The turtles are vital to the balance of life in the flooded forest! Stay tuned to find out more.